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Information letter on the collection of proposals for priority scientific tasks


The Ministry of education and science is implementing the instruction of the Russian Government on the formation of the network of the federal shared research facilities, which provide infrastructural support for priority national fundamental and exploratory research.

At first stage the Ministry jointly with the Presidium of the Council on science and education under the President of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Sciences should form the list of priority scientific tasks, the solution of which requires the use of federal shared research facilities.

Priority scientific tasks should be aimed at implementing large-scale scientific projects oriented to the demands of society and economy. They should correspond with the priority areas of world science development and the priority areas for science and technology development, approved by the Russian President. The solution of these tasks should have a significant economic and/or social impact and enable achieving in the middle term (3-5 years) the world-level scientific results and provide opportunities for international collaboration.

In order to coordinate the work on the formation of the list of priority scientific tasks the Working group at the Ministry was created, which includes the representatives of scientific and educational organizations, RAS, federal executive authorities concerned and the Ministry of education and science. The main functions of the Working group are to organize the collection and examination of the proposals for the priority tasks and to form the list of these tasks. It will make decisions on inclusion of the proposed topics in the list with account for the findings of specially created expert groups. It is planned to create 7 expert groups in the following areas: industry of nanosystems, information and communication technologies, living systems, environmental management, transport and space, energy and fundamental research.

Final list will be formed with account for the results of the draft list discussion at the joint meeting of the Public Council and the Council on science at the Ministry of education and science. Then the list should be approved by the Presidium of the Council.

The next step will be the establishment of scientific councils for each priority task to select research projects aimed at the solution of the corresponding task and shared research facilities necessary to solve these tasks. Such facilities will subsequently be included in the network. On the basis of the selected research projects, the scientific councils will form medium-term (up to 5 years) programmes for research conducted on the basis of selected facilities and financed from the federal budget.

The Ministry invites all involved representatives of scientific and educational communities to take part in the collection of proposals for the priority tasks.

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